Chen Xue Ning 陳雪凝 Biography

Chen Xuening was born in Inner Mongolia on August 18, 2001, she is a female singer in mainland China.

In April 2017, the solo single “白山茶 White Mountain Tea” was released. In the same year, the songs such as “愚昧 Foolish” and “假装 Pretend” were released successively.

In April 2018, the first solo album “拾陆 Pick Up” was released.

On January 20, 2019, her song “假装 Pretend” won the “Top Ten Songs of 2018” in the Hard Furnace Night · Net ease Cloud Music Original Festival.

Acting Experience

In April 2017, Chen Xue Ning began to try to write songs and spread the songs to the Internet, becoming a full-time musician; then, launching the original single “白山茶 White Mountain Tea”; “愚昧 Foolish” and “假装 Pretend” were also released in the same year;

in June, She came alone to Chengdu and started her own music creation. In the good music atmosphere of Chengdu, Chen Xue Ning cooperated with many musicians to hold a joint Special event, participate in the music festival.

On April 14th, 2018, the first solo album “拾陆 Pick Up” was released, with 7 songs including “假装 Pretend”, “避脸 Easy Face” and “余温 Yu Wen”. In the same year, participated in the music hosted by Net ease Cloud Music. Chen Xue Ning “16-year-old adventure” national tour. In October, She participated in the “Magic City in the Field, Jia you Xiao xi tang Music Festival”.

In January 2019, with the song “假装 Pretend”, she won the “Top Ten Songs of 2018” in the “Hardland Furnace Night Netease Cloud Music Original Festival”.

On February 14, the song “绿色 Green” was released . On July 8, the song “别再靠近我了 Don’t be near me again” was released.

Character Evaluation

Chen Xue Ning’s interpretation of the song “绿色 Green” is clear and gentle, and she also uses her own “retro sense” and “old sense” voice to present a deep hidden, unrepeatable memory, and gentle and affectionate.

In addition to the good character of Lotte, Chen Xue Ning has always had a full smile on her face. She also has a gentle and delicate singing voice and perfect singing. And Chen Xue Ning’s song creations are also derived from the bits and pieces of life. In addition, Chen Xue Ning has a crisp, clean and slightly hoarse girl voice, she uses songs to express the experiences and thoughts of young people of this age.

Name: Chen Xue Ning 陳雪凝